In a world of sheep,
be a TOAD.

London / LA

London / LA

We're a different animal.

We’re a creative studio that celebrates being different. We believe that you won’t get noticed if you don’t stand out and the greatest risk is to never take one. Bold and brilliant ideas inspire people to share and don’t need the biggest budgets, just the biggest imaginations...

Said every creative agency / studio / outfit / collective / shop / bakery / poodle ever. Here’s what makes us TOAD...

We do it ourselves, drive fast, act weird, shout loud, think funny. We write for Tele but don’t own one. We don’t care about big or small talk, jazzy words, coffee table books no one ever reads or shiny floors. We believe in being bold. Being ugly. Being beautiful. Being ourselves. Being TOAD.


Why the name?

We could say it’s short for ‘The Original Advertising Dudes’ or tell you we were inspired by Ginger Baker’s boring drum solo, or that we got high on ayahuasca in Peru and met The Mighty Toad King, but the truth is, toads are outsiders and so are we.

What we do.

CREATIVE. Solve problems. Make friends.

PRODUCTION. Apps. Films. Websites. Experiences. Animation.

Our sister company Mother’s Best Child are a comedy content studio and major part of our creative firepower. As TV writers and producers they have racked up over 250 million online views and been featured on all the UK’s leading terrestrials.

These are nice...

Wanna dance?
Don't be shy.


2nd Floor,
1 King Edwards Road,
London, E9 7SF


1047 4th Street,
Santa Monica,
CA 90403



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