1. a tailless amphibian.

2. a defining rock song of the 60s.

3. a creative studio that makes content to savour.

A creative studio
that makes content
to savour.

London / LA

London / LA

Making things we
care about.

TOAD is a creative studio; the combination of agency creativity with the heavy lifting ability of a production company. We live for ideas that inspire people to share, and we make them in-house, with our bare hands. Put simply, we are thinkers and doers.

Our sister company and the black sheep of the family, Mother’s Best Child are comedy writers and producers who have racked up over 250 million online views and been featured on the UK’s leading channels BBC2, CH4 and Sky. They give our clients the opportunity to be a little bit naughty.

Creative. Passion is the mother of invention and we love what we do.

Scriptwriting. Our ideas and scripts have got us regular spots on CH4, BBC and Comedy Central.

Video. From scribbled script to viral hit, we make films that get shared.

Digital. We design, develop and deliver digital experiences good enough to eat.


Our culture

Be Bold and go beyond your limit with a fearless and courageous ambition, just as Ginger Baker did when he wrote TOAD, the song that redefined rock drumming.

Make stuff you care about. We were at the back of the classroom sketching comics for mates, crashing around in the garage making bad music. That’s never left us and never will.

Have Fun and enjoy what you do. From Guy’s kitchen table on day one to opening our LA office, the founders of TOAD have never lost track of the one reason we’re all doing this.

Leave your mark. Creativity, personal expression and ambition are the bedrock of TOAD's philosophy, where talent is nurtured and ideas are brought to life.

These are nice...

Wanna dance?
Don't be shy.


2nd Floor, 1 King Edwards Road,
London, E9 7SF

LA. (Line)

1047 4th Street,
Santa Monica, CA 90403